K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Compact yet Functional to Boost Productivity

keychron keytron Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Why K2?

K2 is an 84-key mechanical keyboard with a perfect balance between full size 104 keys and tenkeyless 87 keys. It takes up less space yet retains almost all function keys such as page up/down, home, end and del etc. K2 is A true expression of typist while boosting productivity.

Keychron K2 Wireless mechanical keyboard gateron switch Mac windows

Dual-Mode Connectivity

K2 offers wireless and wired connection, it lets you connect your devices via Bluetooth or a type-C cable. Designed for Mac and Windows and lets you connect it up to 3 devices wirelessly, K2 offers media keys with the Mac layout, while adopting a 4000mAh battery to ensure a long working time.

Keychron K2 Wireless mechanical keyboard gateron switch Mac windows

Mellow Color Palettes

K2 puts the functionality first without sacrificing aesthetics. A mellow color palette is used with a combination of grey and light grey, and a charming orange esc key. Features 15 types of RGB or white LED with a top switch to avoid accidental key presses.

Various Gateron Switches

K2 features various Gateron switch options (blue, red, brown) for an exceptional experience, whether you prefer linear, clicky or something in between, we’ve got you covered. With the curve keycap design, and the adjustable rubber feet stands, K2 is designed to improve your typing speed and accuracy.

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